Download Undelete Cydia App for iPhone

Undelete Cydia App for iPhone

Guys now you can get Recovery of Deleted SMS with Undelete Cydia Application which available only for iPhone for US $ 6.99 only, the price has been fix on the basis of it’s important and available at BigBoss Cydia App store. Delete an important text? Need to get it back? Undelete SMS scrapes your SMS database or Spotlight history for deleted records and recovers them! Displayed in plain text, you can copy the texts you want and stick them in a note, email, etc.

undeletesms0.png 300x244 Download Undelete Cydia App for iPhone

Undelete SMS is a forensic recovery tool, and is not guaranteed to recover all or any deleted content. Undelete SMS analyzes remnant deleted data that has not yet been overwritten by new data. While Undelete SMS can often produce useful results from an actively used phone, or backup restored from an actively used phone, it will not produce results on a freshly restored phone without a backup. Depending on user behavior, Undelete SMS may retrieve varying levels of data, including possibly no data. Undelete SMS is a utility, and not a guarantee.

[Download Undelete Cydia App for iPhone]

To Download Undelete Cydia Application for iPhone, it should be running iOS 3.0 or later and also needs 78 KB Space for Storage purpose.

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